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The WhoDunIt? Box contains classic mysteries. These stories will feature a compelling event, a diehard protagonist, gumshoe detective work, and a satisfying revelation–but without the blood spatter and explosions found in the Thriller Box. Themes in the Box may include Detective Tales, Small Towns, Plucky Heroines, and Old School Policework.


The Thriller Box contains mysteries, suspense, and stories that keep you guessing. These stories will feature a strong main character, a thrilling plot, and perhaps some violence. Themes in this Box might includes Haunted Past, The Big City, Lost Girls, or Old Friends.


The Fantasy Box has stories that contain some element of magic or the supernatural. Box themes may include Fallen Empires, Lone Heroes, Witchy Women, and Epic Adventures.

Paranormal Romance

The Paranormal Romance Box includes stories with both romance and the supernatural (not Harlequins). Themes in this Box might include Vampires in Love, Ghostly Visitors, or Heavenly Guardians.


The Romance Box contains stories that deal with relationships (or lack thereof). These stories include love, some sex, and a central conflict that the characters must overcome. The setting may vary from modern cityscapes to suburban fields. This Box differs from the Paranormal Romance Box in that it involves love but without the magic and mysticism. Themes in this Box may include Beach Getaways, Vacation Flings, Office Temptations, and Date Disasters.

Science Fiction

The Science Fiction Box contains stories that deal with science and technology. Themes in this Box might include Dystopian Futures, Underwater Adventures, or Space Colonies.


The Teen Box includes coming-of-age stories written for young adults. These tales will vary from high school halls to imaginative landscapes, but they will all involve a young protagonist, elements of emerging sexuality, well-developed characters, and some social commentary, not to mention a solid plotline held together with good writing. Themes in the Box may include Bullying, Mysteries, Monsters, Secret Identities, Ancient Heirlooms, and Dystopias.


Do you enjoy taking risks? Do you love genuine surprises? Each Mystery Box will have a theme. But you have absolutely no idea what world you are entering each month. It could be haunted boarding schools; it could be crime-solving chihuahuas; it could be space cowboys facing off against galactic corporations. One thing is certain: it will be a good story (at least some people will have thought so!) with intriguing characters, a solid plot, and good writing. Live a little. Take a risk. Get a Mystery Box. Note: This Box does not contain mystery books–those will be in the WhoDunIt? Box. The Mystery here is that you don’t know what genre you will get!