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Box on Demand

$13.00 - $25.00

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Product Description

Need something to while away the days before your next Box ships? Just looking for a one Box stand, no commitment required? Feed the need for immediate gratification with a Box on Demand (well, sort of immediate--we don't have a fleet of drones ready to deliver to you at this moment. Yet. But you'd get it in a few days.). For the Minor Book Crisis, you can get two books in the following genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Romance, Paranormal Romance, Thriller, Teen, WhoDunIt, or Women's Fiction. Or, if you prefer a surprise, you can get the Mystery Box and we will send you a random genre. You don't know what you will get. Could be love-struck vampires. Could be frustrated detectives just one step behind the killer. Could be a little old lady with a clever cat. Try something new. Live a little! For the Major Book Drought, we offer the Big Box--four books for your reading pleasure, but you don't get to decide the genre. Live a little more! TL;DR: The Good--Get two books immediately. No long-term commitment. The Bad--Pay for shipping. May require more books for complete satisfaction.

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