Feed the need for new authors with a Book Box

1. Choose a Size

How many books do you want?

2. Choose a Genre

What do you want to read?

3. Get Books


Looking for a Book Box without the extras? Just want someone to send you some books in a box each month? You've come to the right place. 

Choose a size. Little Box has two Books; Big Box has four Books. 

Pick a genre: Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Romance, Science Fiction, Teen, Thriller, WhoDunIt or Women's Fiction. 

If you enjoy a genuine surprise, try the Mystery Box, where we send you a different genre each month: could be Victorian steampunk; could be teens agonizing over midterms; could be fairies defending their homeland. Take a risk. Live a little!

The Books are Boxed by a different theme each month. Most books will be the start of a new series from an author with more than one published novel (this means you will not have to wait for winter to arrive for more than a decade). 

No frills. No fuss. Just books.  

Sometimes, you don't want to wait for shipping dates. Sometimes, you want it right away. We totally understand. 

Order a Box on Demand!

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